Local teen in need of rare disease drug coverage – Alberta News

Local teen in need of rare disease drug coverage – Alberta News

By Kelci Nicodemus


After little progress was made in receiving an integral drug to improve her health, provincial and federal government officials are fighting to advocate for High River’s Haley Chisholm.

The Grade 12 student at Notre Dame Collegiate (NDC) has a disease called C3 glomerulopathy that results in the inflammation of the filters in the kidneys. As previously reported in the Times, Chisholm was diagnosed when she was 10 years old and since then has been on a series of medications.

For Chisholm, Soliris, a drug that has yet to be approved for this disease in Canada, will drastically improve her overall health and prevent her from needing a kidney transplant in the future. Although Chisholm explained her kidneys are at functional level now, there is no telling when they will begin to fail.

“We’re on a time budget right now,” she said, adding once kidney function is lost, she will not regain it. “I don’t think we know how much longer we can wait, but it definitely isn’t going to be very long (from now).”

Over the past several months, Highwood MLA Wayne Anderson has been advocating for Chisholm’s case and asked Health Minister Sarah Hoffman to help the young Highwood constituent. According to Anderson, nothing has been done to move the process along.

A press release from the Wildrose Official Opposition that dates back to Jan. 31 stated that Chisholm was denied coverage through the Short Term Exceptional Drug Therapy Program.

Now, Anderson has enlisted the help of Foothills MP John Barlow to work together to enter Chisholm into the Specialized High Cost Drug Program to cover the…

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