Facebook auction running from May 15 to 19 – Ontario News

Facebook auction running from May 15 to 19 – Ontario News

Using the internet to raise money for a worthy cause may sound easy in theory, but for an online fundraiser to be truly successful, it takes a fair bit of organization and promotion.

So, it was a good thing that when Kim Graham, a broker/owner at Sutton Group First Choice Realty Brokerage, decided her office in Stratford would attempt to raise money for the Stratford Perth Hospice Project, her office administrator, Amy Reid, offered to take the lead in organizing a Facebook auction to accomplish just that.

“In all honesty, to start with, we really had no clue (how to set up an auction over Facebook). We just thought of the idea, it was pretty much our last decision, and got our donations and thought we’d figure this out when the time comes,” Reid said. “I did try to do an online-auction Facebook app, but that failed, so I didn’t work with that. So, we just thought we’ll just do a photo album and people can just comment on (the items up for bidding).”

Set up in much the same style under which many online garage sale Facebook pages operate — where people can comment their bids underneath the photos of the items posted on Sutton Group Realty’s Facebook page (http://bit.ly/2rjQpH0) — the auction began Monday at 10 a.m. and will run until Friday at 3 p.m.

“It was absolutely amazing. Within the first, less than two hours, we were over the $750-mark. I was a little scared with how it was going to go. I did, at one point, start an event on Facebook to kind of push it out more so our agents and our friends could invite people to the event, and then through the event we actually had to push our own Facebook page, because…

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