Trump to examine 16 trade partners, including Canada; Trudeau not worried – Ontario News

Trump to examine 16 trade partners, including Canada; Trudeau not worried – Ontario News

OTTAWA — Justin Trudeau is driving home the message that Canada and the United States share a special relationship that relies on the continued smooth flow of commerce across their border.

The prime minister says that means jobs in both countries, a message Canada will continue to impress on the Americans as Donald Trump prepares to hold his country’s major trading partners to account.

The U.S. president wants to determine which countries are using abusive trade practices to run export surpluses — and Canada is among those to be examined.

The president will sign an executive order today demanding a study within 90 days of all the ways other countries allegedly pull a fast one on the United States through anti-competitive trade practices.

It will be a systematic examination of things like non-tariff barriers, lax legal enforcement, currency manipulation and other means that keep out American goods while other countries boost their own exports.

“The United States regularly assesses what its partners are doing and what’s going on in the trade relationship. And that’s something that we’re certainly happy with,” Trudeau said Friday. 

“The relationship between Canada and the United States is unlike the relationship between any two countries in the world.”

Trudeau and his cabinet have mounted a full-court press on Washington to drive home that message, and that’s not about to stop now, as businesses and provincial and municipal governments continue their efforts in tandem with Ottawa, he said.

“It is of fundamental importance to good jobs in both countries that we continue to strengthen and ease the flow of goods, services and people back and forth across…

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