Time to work together | Collingwood Enterprise Bulletin – Ontario News

Time to work together | Collingwood Enterprise Bulletin – Ontario News

Anyone expecting sparks at Monday night’s council meeting was sorely disappointed.

It got a little testy at times but legislative bureaucracy trumped emotion and although the crowd, nearly 300 strong were split, the largest group siding with the hospital and their selection Collingwood General and Marine Hospital’s preferred site.

It was mentioned more than once that it is time to tone down the rhetoric and regain the alignment the process needs.

“Let’s focus on what we need, a hospital, we need a hospital here,” said Coun. Bob Madigan. “If we expect the government is to give us up to half a billion dollars we better play nice. That doesn’t mean we have to agree, but we have to come with a consensus for what is best for Collingwood.”

For the hospital, it fears losing it’s place in line with the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care’s funding schedule, while Collingwood council wants to be sure process is followed properly. One thing was made clear: it seems like the majority of Collingwood council won’t be satisfied until a municipal comprehensive review is undertaken.

The main issue was for Coun. Kevin Lloyd’s motion to direct staff to consider revisions to the official plan and zoning plan amendments for the hospital’s preferred site for a redeveloped hospital on the Poplar Side Road.

Prior to that council, was asked to rule on a motion to enact a bylaw to amend the town budget to accommodate up to $300,000 in costs associated with Lloyd’s motion.

“Let me be clear, my motion doesn’t ask to change the zoning from industrial to settlement or anything else, but to consider including hospitals and other…

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