The political education of Kevin O’Leary – Ontario News

The political education of Kevin O’Leary – Ontario News

OTTAWA — Kevin O’Leary jumped into the Conservative leadership race late last year as the outsider candidate, brandishing a spatula to scrape “all that crap” out of Ottawa in a page that seemed torn from the playbook of U.S. President Donald Trump.

But as O’Leary appears to be learning, things change once you get inside.

After trying unsuccessfully to force the party to drop its free-for-all debate format — sitting out the last one earned him a $10,000 fine and a “chicken” label — O’Leary has decided to attend the next and final debate April 26 in Toronto.

“I will be at the last debate,” he said Thursday in a roundtable interview with The Canadian Press.

“If there’s still 14 people there, it will be another useless debate, because all you’ll get is 10-second sound bites.”

Whether the format will change is still unclear. Also unclear is whether the party will ever learn which campaigns tried to use prepaid credit cards to sign up new members, a violation of the rules that O’Leary’s team exposed with gusto.

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