The Anti-Semitism of the American Left. – Ontario News

The statistics of hate crimes in America clearly show that the main class of victim are Jews, far more, for instance, than Muslims.

Remember the hysteria at the start of March over a wave of bomb threats to Jewish Community Centers and the desecration of graves in Jewish cemeteries?
A plague of swastikas scrawling on Jewish buildings has been going on in America since November 2016. The blame was always dumped on Trump.

The wild rhetoric put the blame on white supremacists, neo Nazis, alt-right racists, anyone coming to the surface in the wake of Trump’s rise to power. This level of Jew hatred could not be put at the feet of liberal progressives who are wedded to diversity, love and peace.

Weeks later the perpetrators of many of the anti-Semitic acts are known to us so it is enlightening to learn who they are and why they did it.

Juan Thompson is an African-American journalist charged with cyber-stalking and a half dozen bomb threats against Jewish targets.

In Arizona, the case of a vandalized menorah twisted into the shape of a swastika was put down to an African-American teenager and some of his gang members.

A 65 year old Hispanic man from Brooklyn, Pasquale Vargas, was charged with drawing swastikas in Penn Street Station.

The FBI, together with Israeli police, tracked down the perpetrator of almost all of the JCC bomb threats. He was a US-Israeli teenager, a computer nerd who, according to his lawyer, is suffering from behavioral problems due to a brain tumor.

So there you have it. The result of police and intelligence work has reduced the culprits down to a teenage Jew, a black journalist, black teenagers and a Hispanic. How is that for diversity?  Their profiles of…

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