Students to gain film experience – Alberta News

Students to gain film experience – Alberta News

Students at Peace Wapiti Academy will have the option to get hands-on experience in film production, thanks to a new course starting next fall.

CIA Solutions, a local digital marketing and film company, is partnering with PWA through the school’s Connect Program, which allows companies to give students practical experience.

Len Morissette, CEO of CIA Solutions, reached out to the school and met with Debbie Terceros, the Connect co-ordinator at PWA. Eventually CIA formed a program, which they announced recently to Peace Wapiti students.

“It’s really mind blowing to us that we’re actually going to have students come through three or four times a semester,” Morissette said.

The program, which consists of three levels, one per semester, will bring students into the CIA Solutions studio, located on the 11th floor of 214 Place, where they’ll get behind cameras and take part in actual productions.

The plan is to approach organizations that don’t have large budgets, such as charities, and offer to produce a student-made video for them, Morissette said. “So then the students can actually participate in something.”

Morissette founded CIA Solutions in 2011, and works as producer, co-director and cinematographer. Co-owner Ryan Dalgleish joined in 2012, directing, editing and co-creating. The company now has four staff, including Morissette and Dalgleish. They’ve filmed for the Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum, Aquatera, United Way, Sportsnet and various oil field companies, among others.

Morissette said it was “a leap of faith” to start a film advertising company in Northern Alberta, but there is a demand for what do and…

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