Sometimes Ontario’s ‘Sunshine List’ burns — but it’s worth it | Reevely – Ontario News

Sometimes Ontario’s ‘Sunshine List’ burns — but it’s worth it | Reevely – Ontario News

Ontario’s annual “sunshine list” reminds us that if we want good people in our government, we need to pay them decently. And it reminds them that in exchange for that money, they owe us their best.

The Association of Management, Administrative and Professional Crown Employees of Ontario has called for a while for reforms to the list of Ontario public-sector workers who make more than $100,000. With 13,000 members, AMAPCEO tends to represent provincial employees at the top of the unionized ladder.

The union would like the threshold for inclusion on the list raised to nearly $150,000 and for it to continue rising with inflation each year. Also, it wants the names stripped out. The list would include only job titles “to protect the privacy of workers who do not exercise executive authority.”

Now, by any standard, if we’re releasing public-sector salaries, the top-paid people in the City of Ottawa administration would have their pay disclosed.

Ottawa’s medical officer of health, Isra Levy, made about $311,000 last year, counting benefits; he’s perennially No. 1 or 2 on the city’s list, depending on whether the city manager has cashed in vacation time he hasn’t used. Levy’s a medical doctor and a senior manager responsible for a $60-million budget to handle everything from fentanyl overdoses to measles outbreaks to restaurant inspections. Finding somebody with both skill sets isn’t easy. It…

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