Short and sweet? PLRD Board moves away from notes – Alberta News

Short and sweet? PLRD Board moves away from notes – Alberta News

The PLRD Board discussed the way their meeting minutes have been reading at their March 16 regular board meeting.


Superintendent Cam McKeage noted to trustees that the minutes have been “venturing out of what meeting minutes look like and more like meeting notes.”

He pointed out that meeting minutes should contain only action items.

“I think we’re putting too much conversation and dialogue” in the minutes noted McKeage.

“I think we lose the real power of that document.”

McKeage said that the dialogue takes away from the professional items, adding that names should not be included unless a motion or directive has been made.

He asked the board to direct administration on if they would like meeting minutes, meeting notes or both.

Trustee Holli Smith noted that she had also felt that the minutes were too note like.

She said rather than having the notes in the minutes, individuals could call if they wanted more information on any given motion.

Minutes, she said “need to be more about the business.”

“There’s a lot of discussion of the dialogue,” noted McKeage when reviewing the minutes, which he noted can cause the Board to lose sight of the direction.

“I would like you guys to consider that and maybe go towards a more official meeting minute.”

Trustee Barry Davis asked if the minutes were derived from the notes, to which McKeage noted that the notes could be pared down to the decisions that were made.

“Its unfortunate that if someone misses the meetings you miss the meeting .. and the direction the meeting went,” McKeage noted, but said that individuals could have dialogues to find out what they may…

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