Sean Spicer racist and sexist for not taking reporter April Ryan’s nonse – Ontario News

Real reason media is so furious. Their ammo is being revealed as powerless, and everyone is starting to notice

We’re going to get this again and again for as long as Trump is president, but that doesn’t mean we should just settle in and let the media get away with it. You can’t win with them, of course, if you’re a Republican administration. If you let them walk all over you, they will. If you give as good as you get, they’ll find a way to make that a scandal – and their easiest and most predictable path to doing that is if someone mixes it up with a female and/or minority reporter.

April Ryan is certainly a goldmine for them, isn’t she? Back in February they tried to martyr her because of an exchange with Trump himself that was about as innocuous as a thing can be.

Ryan was a lot less substantive and a lot more obnoxious

Tuesday’s exchange was Sean Spicer was different. Ryan was a lot less substantive and a lot more obnoxious in asking Spicer about how he intends to repair what she called Trump’s “image” problem. Spicer’s response was basically that any “image problem” Trump might have exists only in the minds and via the mouths of the media, who continue to talk endlessly about certain things that are either a) irrelevant; or b) not even true. The exchange was testy, mainly because Ryan kept stepping on Spicer’s responnse both verbally and nonverbally.

And guess who has re-emerged from whatever hole she crawled into to declare Spicer racist and sexist as a result?

You should have known she’d be the thing that wouldn’t leave:


So we’re told that Spicer was being racist and sexist for the way he dealt with Ryan here. OK. Let’s see the…

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