Rules spelled out on shipping containers – Ontario News

Rules spelled out on shipping containers – Ontario News


Bylaw enforcement officers have some leverage now that Norfolk has approved ground rules for shipping containers.

Containers have proven popular in recent years because they double as sturdy prefabricated buildings. Many buy them on the secondary market and plop them down on their property as ancillary buildings.

That can be problematic when this occurs in residential neighbourhoods and in places visible to the public where aesthetics are important.

It also poses challenges for municipal building officials because containers used in this manner are technically structures and as such subject to the Ontario building code.

The zoning provisions Norfolk council adopted Tuesday allow shipping containers in industrial, agricultural and commercial zones. In stating where the containers are allowed, council is simultaneously forbidding them in institutional, open space and residential zones.

Council modified the zoning provisions to forbid shipping containers on residential properties within Norfolk’s central business districts.

There was some grousing en route to approving the changes.

Port Rowan Coun. Noel Haydt and Waterford Coun. Harold Sonnenberg wondered if restrictions were really necessary.

Haydt pointed out that council has heard only one complaint. It came from a residential property owner in downtown Waterford who had a shipping container located near her property about two years ago.

Haydt also noted that no members of the public attended a county open house regarding the structures last October.

Sonnenberg objected to provisions requiring property owners to obtain a building permit…

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