Robots are after your job | STROBEL | Canada | News – Ontario News

Robots are after your job | STROBEL | Canada | News – Ontario News

The federal budget was chilling in many ways, but here’s what scares me the most: Robots are after your job.

Those career-snatching tin cans were a focus of finance minister Bill Morneau’s speech, which outlined $5.2 billion in job retraining for us poor human schmucks.

We’ll need it.

This week, Dominos announced sidewalk robots will begin delivering pizzas in Germany and Holland.

On Tuesday, the investment house BlackRock said it will start giving robots more say in what stocks to pick.

A New York firm is touting a robo-bricklayer that can build a wall six times faster than a human, without whistling at passing women.

In Bermuda, a diving robot will catch poisonous, but delicious, lionfish by the bushel. There are even fishing bots made of gel that will catch and release.

Name an occupation — including yours — and someone likely is working on a robot to take it over.

So, surely, artificial intelligence newspaper columnists can’t be far off — which is why I’m retiring early from the Sun, next month.

(Editor’s note: Strobel, your intelligence has been artificial for years. And let’s hope robo-columnists don’t bitch and moan as much.)

Oh, dear, kind boss, I’m gonna miss you — at least until they build a robo-editor.

But my timing to leave this gig could not be better. The invasion of the journobots has already begun. Artificially intelligent “writers” now churn out 3,700 stories…

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