Reevely: Massive profits no obstacle to $200M public subsidy for Ford – Ontario News

Reevely: Massive profits no obstacle to $200M public subsidy for Ford – Ontario News

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne and Mark Buzzell, president and CEO of Ford Motor Company of Canada, applaud during an announcement at the Ford Essex Engine Plant in Windsor, Ont. on Thursday, March 30, 2017.

Ford of Canada is bringing some mighty expensive jobs to Ontario, with more than $200 million in public money underwriting new truck engines in Windsor and research on “connected cars” in Ottawa, Windsor and Oakville.

“The investment will create 300 new jobs at Ford operations in Ontario and protect hundreds more,” the official announcement said on Thursday, delivered by Premier Kathleen Wynne and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Windsor.

“Ford is doubling down on Ontario auto workers and businesses because it knows they’re the best around,” tweeted an excited Economic Development Minister Brad Duguid.

That, and we’ll pay Ford about $680,000 for each one of those best-around workers the company hires. This is the Liberal government’s plan for remodelling Ontario’s economy in action.

The theory behind it is in two parts.

One, machines and computers are doing and will do jobs we might not previously have imagined they could, and that will mean a whole lot of human jobs go poof. Autonomous vehicles are bad news for taxi and bus drivers, truck drivers and delivery people. But that disruption is coming whether we want it to or not, so we might as well do what we can to at least have the driverless cars designed and built here. Better to have other people buying them from us than for us to have to buy them from other people.

Two, if we secure those high-end jobs,…

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