Record-breaking writing attempt on at Comic Con – Ontario News

Record-breaking writing attempt on at Comic Con – Ontario News

This is a story about a story written by a thousand authors or more – well hopefully.

A Niagara Falls man and independent publisher, Andrew Aitken, aims to break a Guinness world record this June at Niagara Falls Comic Con.

The record? The most people to write a story in 24 hours. The rules are fairly simple. Each participant has to write one sentence after getting a brief buffer of what is happening in the story.

Aitken, a passionate writer and advocate for other writers, has been trying to spread a love for writing for years with projects like his #becreative literacy tour.

“We [] want to make literacy and literature fun and entertaining for people who wouldn’t normally think of it as something fun and entertaining,” says Aitken.

“My hope is that this could actually spark a career in writing for those people who think ‘wow, I want to write more.'”

“I’m going to be the person dealing with a large number of people at once, telling them what’s happened so far. And as one person comes up to us and makes a sentence we can quickly advise them of what is happening in the story. We won’t alter their sentence but we can influence them by what’s going on.”

Aitken says he is hopeful to meet his goal at Comic Con this year, with it being one of the city’s biggest events and attracting 27,000 people last year.

“I’m very interested to see where this goes because Comic Con is filled with people with imaginations for sci-fi and fantasy, so I can imagine the amazing story we are going to create. Everyone has got a creative mindset and I’m excited to see what they put into this story. It’s the first audience where we believe everyone…

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