Questions To Ask When Choosing a Paving Company – Ontario News

Questions To Ask When Choosing a Paving Company – Ontario News

When you are deciding on which contractor you will choose to provide you with driveway paving, or decorative or stamped concrete, it is important to know the right questions to ask before you begin.  It is especially important to first find out if your contractor is local, how long they have been in business, and also to find out where you can view some of their work.

Once you’ve chosen your contractor, begin by presenting them with your ideas for what you would like to accent your home or cottage. Get some advice on what would suit the surroundings and climate of your space. Frost and drainage issues are important factors to consider.

Owner of Van de Bor Paving, Mike Van de Bor, recommends asking the following questions:

• Will there be a written estimate provided?

• Do they have insurance to cover any unforeseen accident on your premises?

• Can the project be completed in your timeline?

• What are their standards on base construction and drainage?

(Whether its asphalt, concrete or interlock, the best practice is to use 12” of properly compacted gravel.)

• Is the contractor a right fit for your project, and do they show confidence in making your dream a reality?

  Do they provide a guarantee?

Van de Bor Paving is a third generation company established in Peterborough by John Van de Bor in 1955. Mike took over in 1987 and now runs the company together with his eldest son Cory.  After over 35 years in business, Mike Van de Bor has seen the asphalt and decorative concrete industry evolve many times.

One thing that has never changed is customers wanting quality work that will last.

Van de Bor Paving will always provide a proper base construction…

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