Planning board votes unanimously that reserves remain within the board – Ontario News

Planning board votes unanimously that reserves remain within the board – Ontario News

GORE BAY—The Manitoulin Planning Board (MPB) has voted unanimously in favour of a motion that all its reserves remain within the board. The Town of Northeastern Manitoulin and the Islands (NEMI) feels it should receive a share of the reserves, in the amount of $29,040, since leaving the board and launching out as its own planning authority this year.

“Since I put forward a previous motion on this issue and information had been exchanged (between the MPB and NEMI) and Elva (Carter, former secretary of the MPB) had corresponded our position back to the Town, I thought they (NEMI) would come back with something more reasonable,” said Lyle Addison at an MPB meeting this past Tuesday. “Now they are looking at getting a lawyer to see if they are going to take legal action for these funds, and in turn they have also called me a liar. If we were to give something to them now (from the reserves), I’m sure it would be perceived as if we were admitting we owe them something, and I think they would take this to the bank. I will put forward a motion that the funds remain with the board, the same motion I made previously.”

“I certainly agree assets of the corporation (MPB) are corporation assets and we have no obligation to divvy this up with a municipality that unilaterally withdraws,” said Richard Stephens. “And I stand by this.” However, “on the other hand, we have a sister municipality that we have dealt with for 40 plus years, and I feel that a donation being made to assist them in setting up their operations would not be detrimental to our health.”

Ian Anderson said, “I agree with Richard. Looking at this in a purely common sense…

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