New Brunswick government to ban corporate and union political donations – Ontario News

New Brunswick government to ban corporate and union political donations – Ontario News

FREDERICTON — The New Brunswick government will ban union and corporate donations to political parties in the province as of June 1.

Just last week, the government announced a list of electoral reforms, but said phasing out the corporate and union donations wouldn’t be considered until after the next provincial election in the fall of 2018.

But that abruptly changed Thursday, during a legislative committee meeting on those reforms. Members were debating a bill that would reduce the limit on political donations by an individual, union or corporation to $3,000 from the current $6,000.

The Opposition Progressive Conservatives introduced an amendment to completely ban corporate and union donations.

The governing Liberals agreed to the change, adding the date of June 1 for the ban to take effect.

“Obviously having the Opposition come in a week after their fundraiser, and say now we should be banning corporations and unions from donating, is a bit rich,” said Premier Brian Gallant.

But Opposition member Brian Macdonald said it wasn’t a case of the government calling their bluff.

“No, we are glad they are adopting our amendment. It’s a good step forward,” Macdonald said.  

Green Leader David Coon also said he didn’t think the Tories were expecting the government to agree with their amendment.

“It kind of felt like an accident, but I’m still trying to process what happened, and I think the official Opposition may be in the same position,” he said. “It’s great news and I hope it signals a new willingness to actually consider amendments at committee stage from the opposition parties.”

The June 1 date is just a day after the Liberals hold a $500-a-plate…

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