Millet’s off-leash dog park saga continues – Alberta News

Millet’s off-leash dog park saga continues – Alberta News

Millet’s plans for a dog park are on hold until after Town councillors meet to discuss the town’s budget.


Chief Administrative Officers Teri Pelletier presented council with three options at its regular council meeting March 22.

While council appears to have selected a preferred location for the off-leash area, how to fence it is still up in the air.

In the first alternative, using existing fencing, natural borders and snow fence along the west and east sides of the area would cost $2,500.

To fence off a smaller portion of the area would cost $2,100 and to chain link the smaller area being considered with gates would cost $5,581.25. There was no proposal as to what it could cost to fence the larger section but Pelletier estimated it would be an additional $1,000 as there was not a significant amount of material to be added but the labour costs would increase.

“For me, I certainly prefer the more secured fencing,” said Mayor Tony Wadsworth.

Coun. Vicki Pyle, who originally brought the proposal for an off-leash area in the town forward, said she still has concerns about emergency access to the site and fire risk but would prefer to see it fenced and in use rather than look for the “perfect location”.

“Other than that I think it would be great,” she said.

Coun. Mike Storey said he prefers the smaller option with snow fencing.

“As we frequently have snowmobilers in town where they shouldn’t be, I’d be concerned we have one come across the bridge and hit the chain link,” he said.

The discussions were put on hold when Coun. Pat Garrett motioned for the be budget to be tabled and directed administration to bring…

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