Library set for millionth visitor – Ontario News

Library set for millionth visitor – Ontario News

Libraries are still important parts of the community, whether it’s in the downtown core or at the Education Centre.


“Library professionals have a long tradition of adapting and evolving as they are needed,” Nancy Black, executive director of library services at the Education Centre, said Thursday as the Harris Learning Library marked one-million visits since it opened less than six years ago.

“There are always ongoing discussions within the profession – are libraries still relevant,” Black said.

“They are still valuable. There are a lot of resources available electronically, but libraries . . . continue to evolve. They continue to provide essential services.”

And while there are a lot of resources available away from the “brick and mortar” facilities, libraries and their staffs “are still able to provide assistance to people in finding information and to support learning.”

One million visitors – almost 200,000 a year since the facility opened – is “extremely significant.

“It clearly demonstrates the high value library users” place in the facility.

“Students, faculty, the community in general, all place high value” in a library,” Black said.

Libraries, she said, will continue to evolve with the times.

“We have got a lot of success here, and we will build on that success. We will continue to evolve and to develop.”

“It is fabulous that such a large number of people have accessed our services over the past six years,” she said, calling it a testament to the value of the library to the community and students.

There were no flashing lights or sirens to mark the millionth visitor….

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