Levy to fund new fire truck – Nova Scotia News

Levy to fund new fire truck – Nova Scotia News

ANTIGONISH: Town council is looking to maintain the area’s fire trucks.

During the regular monthly meeting of Antigonish Town Council, elected members passed a three-point policy involving a fire levy, a 25-year plan for maintaining fire trucks for the Antigonish Volunteer Fire Department’s, and a way to use the levy to implement the fire truck plan.

Antigonish Mayor Laurie Boucher said the levy will charge 2.6 cents per $100 of assessment to all properties in the town. She said it will also affect properties in the town deemed untaxable.

“We have 30 per cent of the properties within the Town of Antigonish that are not taxed,” she said.

“This fire levy will enable us to tax these guys as well. All of these properties still require fire service and fire protection. This is a way to generate some revenue to make sure that our volunteer fire team has the proper safety equipment to fight fires. It’s a safety issue for not only our firefighters but also our town residents.”

Boucher said the town purchased a new fire truck this year and has one truck which is almost 31-years-old and the other is 39-years-old.

“The general standard is you should be using nothing [older] than 25 years old,” said Boucher.

“Staff was asked to put a plan together to see what we could come up with over the next number years. So we can eventually replace all of the trucks once they reach the 25-year mark…”

Boucher said the new truck is around $600,000.

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