LETTER: Council is ignoring city’s financial state – Ontario News

LETTER: Council is ignoring city’s financial state – Ontario News


MPAC has ordered the city of Timmins to refund $3.1 million for the year 2016. That represents a 4.5% tax increase.

The city in its wisdom used last year’s reserves to pay for this. This year, however, we begin with $3.1 million less money while the mining assessments are further decreased for the year 2017. So to celebrate this good fortune, the mayor along with his seven cohorts, ordered up a $4.1-million eight-day fireworks and music festival.

Councillors Joe Campbell and Rick Dubeau have been preaching restraint for months now, but have been treated as negative thinkers.

Against the better judgement of our city treasurer and our city fire chief, this council and mayor have now agreed to accommodate Northern College and donate taxpayers money to the tune of $2 million. We would call this an investment if it was just that.

However, the college, who has already secured $11 million to build the facility, will hold the city responsible for the next 99 years to cover the maintenance of this facility.

Not to be outdone, just this past Monday, council approved the third-most expensive option for the aquatic centre which started out as a $15-million project and has now ballooned to over $48 milllion and counting.

Of course Wednesday, the Timmins Daily Press reported that there are problems once again with the East End lift stations. If any of you are wondering who will bear the extra costs for this debacle, well think no longer — the city has a plan for that as well.

Just raise our water and sewer taxes again.

When will people just wake up and speak out against this total mismanagement of…

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