Health care execs bask in Sunshine List – Ontario News

Health care execs bask in Sunshine List – Ontario News


Health care executives, judges and educators are the Quinte region’s highest-paid public officials on Ontario’s latest “sunshine list.”

And despite repeated calls from many fronts to raise the list’s threshold, the province is holding firm.

The public salary disclosure – released Friday by Ontario’s Treasury Board – lists most public-sector staff who earned $100,000 or more in the previous year. It applies to employees of the provincial government, Crown agencies and corporations, Ontario Power Generation and subsidiaries, publicly-funded hospitals, municipalities, school boards, colleges and universities and some not-for-profit organizations.

Ontario implemented the Public Sector Salary Disclosure Act in 1996. But the $100,000 threshold has never been adjusted for inflation.

If it were, the threshold would be $149,424 in today’s dollars, a Treasury Board press release noted. It added that would erase 84 per cent of the names on the latest list.

“We are not considering raising the threshold at this time,” spokesman Jason Wesley wrote in an e-mail to The Intelligencer.

“Increasing the threshold amount would only result in fewer people on list, which doesn’t accomplish the transparency the Sunshine List is intended to engender.

“We recognize $100,000 is a lot of money and we’re going to keep it at that level,” he wrote.

Quinte Health Care president and chief executive officer Mary Clare Egberts received $331,433 in salary. At the South East Local Health Integration Network, CEO Paul Huras brought in $317,304.

Some the area’s highest-paid workers have…

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