Get your pet home safely – Ontario News

Get your pet home safely – Ontario News

The Select Committee for Animal Welfare, All Breed Canine Rescue and the City of St. Thomas will be partnering to encourage residents of St. Thomas to get their pets licenced and micro-chipped.

An open house will be held on April 23 at the St. Thomas Animal Services Centre (STASC) with a theme of “Get your pet home safely.”

Last year there were 107 stray dogs picked up and brought to the centre in St. Thomas, but only 82 were returned to their owners.

The centre has routine open houses so the Select Committee for Animal Welfare decided it would be a good idea to combine it with some of the committee’s initiatives like responsible pet ownership.

“We’re going to have as much as we can that’s informational so that people understand that if their dog or cat gets loose … what can you do to help the pound staff get the dog home to you,” said Lois Jackson, chair of the Select Committee for Animal Welfare.

If a dog or cat has a city tag the first ride home is free.

“That’s huge. I mean, if they pick up a dog running down the street and it’s got a tag on they’re just going to take the dog to your house and knock on your door and if you’re home you get your dog back,” Jackson said.

The committee wanted to be able to offer an incentive to pet owners to get a tag, so they are asking council to reduce the tag fees by half for the day of the open house.

Another way to ensure your pet gets home safely is micro-chipping. All Breed Canine Rescue will be hosting a microchip clinic on the day of the open house. Pet owners can book appointments to have their pets micro-chipped that day.

Jackson said she’s heard that some…

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