Farmers expected to suffer losses – Alberta News

Farmers expected to suffer losses – Alberta News

While last year produced healthy crops for farmers across the Peace Country, the onset of rain and snow stranded some of those crops from being harvested last fall.

“For the most part, they’re waiting for the snow to disappear and for things to dry up enough. Some of the issues they’re facing – even the ones that did get the crops off in their field – they may be dealing with issues like rutting that they had from it (the ground) being so soft and in terms of what’s left out there,” said Sonja Raven, agricultural fieldman for the County of Grande Prairie. “There’s been some discussion as to whether they burn it or whether they take it off – some value is better than nothing.”

The majority of crops affected include canola, wheat, and barley, while hay crops where mostly harvested well before precipitation made it difficult to bale.

Raven said there will be significant downgrading of the crops.

“Some of the crops were just beautiful. And then they lose quality and they lose value the longer they sit. I think in some cases it’s a write off and in other cases they might be able to savage something.”

In terms of canola, Alberta Financial Services Corporation (AFSC) reports more than 400,000 acres are unharvested in the province. The issue of mice feces interspersed amongst the crop could make it financially unsustainable for some farmers to combine, according to Raven.

“You get mouse poop in there and it’s really hard to separate – you can’t just clean it out because its the same colour, and not super similar in size, but it’s not the nicest stuff to have to want to have to work with. They might…

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