County pens letter on Ministik School – Alberta News

County pens letter on Ministik School – Alberta News

A letter sent to Elk Island Public Schools (EIPS) from Strathcona County chief commissioner Rob Coon would make it appear as though the county opposed the closure of Ministik School.


The letter was marked as “received” by EIPS on March 21, five days after the board of trustees voted in favour of closing Ministik School on March 16; however, according to the county, the letter was sent on March 13.

After noting that the board of trustees was “actively encouraging comments from the public and stakeholders,” Coon penned that the county “has been receiving submissions from our rural residents and their families in Elk Island Public Schools in support of Ministik School.”

While the letter acknowledges the decision was the school board’s to make, Coon requested that EIPS consider certain points in the decision-making process: community inclusiveness cohesion, growth into the future, and responsible use of resources and maximization of current infrastructure.

Community inclusiveness

“Rural areas have fewer places to connect residents together and build a sense of community,” Coon wrote in the letter. “Ministik School, as a public building, has provided community programming and events beyond its educational core service throughout its history.”

“We remain confident that the educational needs of rural Strathcona County residents will be your primary focus,” the letter continued.

Coon went on to ask the board of trustees to consider the importance of “community connectivity to… social health” before voting on whether to shut down the school.

Future growth

Addressing the fact that Ministik School serves one of…

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