County oil spills investigated | Sherwood Park News – Alberta News

County oil spills investigated | Sherwood Park News – Alberta News

Volumes for the Line 2A pipeline spill in Strathcona County are much higher than initially reported.


On Feb. 17, third party contractor Ledcor — working on behalf of TransCanada Pipeline — struck Enbridge’s Line 2A pipeline, resulting in what was then cited to be 200,000 litres of spilled oil condensate.

Following excavation of the spill site, the reported volume of the leak has increased to 961,000 litres.

“The released condensate was contained in an excavation pit and initial estimates were based on visual inspection, which only provided a look at the top surface of that pit, not the full volume,” said Phil West, media liaison with Enbridge. “As we emptied the pit, we were able to get more accurate measurements and a more accurate volume calculation.”

The Transportation Safety Board (TSB) is investigating the spill, and the National Energy Board (NEB) is reviewing the incident, while handling clean-up and remediation of the site.

“The impacted soil on the site of the Line 2A spill from Enbridge is being shipped to a nearby facility to be incinerated, and air quality monitoring is conducted when that’s occurring,” said Tom Neufeld, NEB spokesperson.

Neufeld continued: “When the material is being moved, stakeholders in the community are being consulted. Our process is to provide oversight over our own remediation process.”

He added, in his experience, a change in reported spill volumes following an incident is not uncommon.

“Once the situation is beyond an emergency and it is into the reclamation stage, you obviously get a better sense from the control room readings, you get a better sense from the…

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