Cobourg looks at bus-shelter suggestions – Ontario News

Cobourg looks at bus-shelter suggestions – Ontario News


Cobourg resident Hope Bergeron has definite ideas on where bus shelters should go.

Now that Public Transportation Infrastructure Funding has been announced for 10 of them, Bergeron has shared her ideas in a letter that council received at this week’s committee-of-the-whole meeting.

The 10 shelters will be allocated, some to replace existing shelters and some set up in new locations.

Bergeron’s letter to Deputy Mayor John Henderson contained two suggestions of her own and others that had been suggested to her.

Her own suggestions were:

• On the east side of Division Street at Ewart Street, where traffic lights offer a straight and safe crossing to transfer between Routes 1 and 2.

• On the south side of King Street at the library for Route 2.

Other suggestions included:

• At the southeast corner of Elgin and Division streets for Route 2, where the plaza has several businesses.

• On the north side of Elgin Street and Frei Road for Route 1, for access to the YMCA.

• At the northwest corner of DePalma Drive and the hospital driveway for Route 1, where there’s no defined stop.

• On the east side of D’Arcy Street at Alexandria Drive for Route 2, at the former Grant Sine Public School.

Bergeron offered two other suggestions having to do with accessibility.

• Install a concrete boarding pad at the Legion Village bus shelter on Route 2.

• No stairs.

“Please do not buy any buses — regular or Wheels — with stairs,” she wrote.

“They are inaccessible and outdated for strollers, walkers, canes, etc. Buses with stairs should not be designed or built.”

Council voted in favour…

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