Barlow informs Nanton on Bill C-37 – Alberta News

Barlow informs Nanton on Bill C-37 – Alberta News

A letter from Member of Parliament for Foothills, John Barlow was sent to the town of Nanton to discuss Bill C-37, specifically dealing with future safe injection sites that could be placed in Nanton.


There is no guarantee of a safe injection site being placed in Nanton but Barlow was looking to keep Nanton in the loop, that Bill C-37 would not allow the Town to have control over safe injection sites, if one happened to be put in place.

“Currently Bill C-37 allows for the placement of a safe injection site in your municipality without consultation with you, your administration, local law enforcement or the community,” the letter from Barlow read. “To me, this is wrong.”

Barlow continued to outline what he feels would be a better option when it comes to the opioid crisis in Alberta.

“I believe the answer is in resources for treatment options, cracking down on drug dealers and addressing the illegal importing of these illicit drugs,” Barlow’s letter said. “Not the imposition of safe injection sites in communities.”

Barlow and the PC government proposed to split the bill in half, pushing one half through immediately and having a debate on the other half which dealt with safe injection sites. The Liberal government and NDP defeated the motion made by the PC government.

At the end of the letter Barlow asked councillors to write Minister of Health Jane Philpott and ask her to split the bill.

“If you share my concerns with the lack of consultation on safe injection site I encourage you to write the Minister of Health asking her to split Bill-C37,” Barlow continued in his letter. “Share your thoughts on the input…

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