Are cellphones safe? – Ontario News

Are cellphones safe? – Ontario News

Cellphones are great for keeping in touch.  Just one tap on a button does it. Even when you can’t talk, communicating is easy with text messaging. With the latest wireless devices such as smart phones and personal digital assistants (PDAs), you can see and speak with someone, send pictures and videos, listen to music, surf the Internet. They can be very handy, especially in emergency situations. Almost everyone has one, with almost as many cellphones in the world as there are people.  

But although they afford users instant communication, there is very likely some negative health consequence with their use.

With booming developments in wireless technology and the increased use of its products by the public, we are exposing ourselves to more and more levels of unseen, yet dangerous radiation, sometimes defined as electromagnetic fields or EMF. Then there are all the various transmitters and related equipment necessary to feed those devices. Consider that many schools have Wi-Fi systems in place that allow, if not encourage, students to use their cellphones while there.

OK, various authorities imply that cellphones are safe to use.

For example, Health Canada’s “It’s Your Health” fact sheet…

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