4H canine club expands beyond dog focus – Alberta News

4H canine club expands beyond dog focus – Alberta News

By Paul Krajewski 


The 4H High River canine club, Perfect Paws, will soon include bees, chickens and fly fishing.

Starting in September, Kristen Hall, club leader, said the club will introduce the special projects to give local youth more opportunities to be a part of 4H Alberta.

“We wanted to introduce some things that both myself and the assistant leader have expertise with and expand to kids that might not have the opportunity to work with some of the new projects we are introducing,” she explained. “Those are three projects that aren’t super common within 4H, so we’re pretty excited to be adding them to our club.”

Hall said the projects will run once every three weeks on rotation through the 4H club season that starts in the fall.

They will take place after the dog training sessions at the High River Regional Airport in the air cadet facility, the clubs meeting place, she noted.

On top of informational and instructional sessions, she said the projects will include opportunities for youth to travel into the Foothills region visiting bee and chicken farms as well as fly fishing hotspots.

She encouraged any youth with an interest in chickens, bees, fishing or dogs to come out and experience what the club has to offer.

“We’re hoping that by doing this they will see how much work it is to have a pet or keep bees and things like that,” she added.

Hall said the canine club was originally formed for members to work with animals in an urban environment as opposed to the traditional 4H rural focus on livestock.

The club’s special projects will build upon its primary focus of training and handling dogs,…

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