Winkler gym bringing motivational speaking tour – Manitoba News

Winkler gym bringing motivational speaking tour – Manitoba News


A world renowned, award-winning motivational speaker is coming to Winkler to try to empower people to success.

The Muscle Hut will be hosting Ben Newman on April 8. Newman is a highly regarded performance coach, best-selling author and speaker who has worked with Fortune 500 companies and professional athletes in the NFL, MLB and PGA. His “Intentional. Greatness. Legacy.” tour includes six other stops.

The Muscle Hut aims to remove stereotypes and hesitations of joining a gym, strength and fitness coach Kurtis Fox said. “Everything we do here is coached, and we have a pretty big community aspect to it because of that. One thing that’s important to have is the mindset, because that carries over into everything.”

That’s what led him to bring Newman into the gym to speak. Fox saw Newman speak at an event in October, and the two got to talking. Fox invited Newman to hold a seminar in Winkler, and Newman agreed.

The session focuses on “Mental Toughness Training,” which are tools for disciplined thinking to deal with adversity and reach your goals. “There’s a section on intentional behaviours where he talks about how to be more organized and intentional with your time,” Fox said. “There’s also sections on personal and professional goals. The overall theme is mindset and how crucial that mental toughness is.” Attendees will also receive a copy of Your Mental Toughness Playbook and the corresponding two-hour video content.

Fox wants people to come out and experience Newman’s lessons first-hand. “His speaking is really engaging, and he’s a really good…

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