United Way funding strengthens communities by help – Alberta News

United Way funding strengthens communities by help – Alberta News

When you donate to United Way Alberta Northwest, you are investing in your community and helping your neighbours in need.

Whether it’s helping a teenager stay in school or enabling a senior to live independently, the United Way is essential to community programs and non-profit agencies in the Grande Prairie area.

Seniors Outreach is a non-profit community organization that directly benefits from United Way’s funding. They provide information and resources to seniors, their loved ones and caregivers, connecting them to services that directly enhance their quality of life.

“We are a one-stop-shop for information for seniors on things like housing, medical support, dietary issues, taxes, elder abuse and making sure they’ve applied for all the federal and provincial benefits they’re eligible for,” says Anne Repetowski of Seniors Outreach. “Seniors want one place to go where they can have all of their needs met and get the help they need.”

Whatever the question might be, Seniors Outreach works to get the answer. If they don’t have the specific support that an individual needs, they will put them in touch with the right person or agency that can help. 

Seniors Outreach provides this service at no cost. They rely solely on donations and grant funding. As a funding partner, United Way pays for a major portion of their operating costs. 

“When we get the funding from United Way and other municipal sources, we don’t have to spend our time and resources on fundraising. We can just focus on what we are good at doing, which is helping seniors in Alberta,” says Repetowski.

Seniors Outreach has over 6440 current client files…

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