Two family doctors coming to Bancroft – Ontario News

Two family doctors coming to Bancroft – Ontario News


Two new family doctors are heading to Bancroft as the latest physicians recruited by Hastings County’s incentive program.

Drs. Jennifer Gerasimoff and Eric Blanchard, who are married, will arrive officially this summer, though Gerasimoff has already worked in Belleville, Brighton and Bancroft, including work at North Hastings Hospital.

They’re the 12th and 13th doctors currently enrolled in the county’s program. Each will receive $150,000 — a $25,000-per-year grant for six years of medical studies. They must practise in the county for a minimum of five years.

“I’m really excited about moving up there,” Blanchard said in a video played at Thursday’s council meeting in Belleville.

“Eric and I are both outdoors enthusiasts. Somewhere like Bancroft is ideal for that,” Gerasimoff said.

“I really loved the small-town community setting for practising medicine,” she said of her medical residency there. “I felt I really could get to know my patients.”

Gerasimoff is from Tecumseh, near Windsor. She earned undergraduate and master’s degrees in biochemistry from the Universities of Windsor and Western Ontario respectively, then pursued medicine at Western and a residency through Queen’s University.

Her writing on various medical topics has been published numerous times.

She said she’s already logged eight months in the hospital’s emergency department and mixing emergency and family medicine was “always my goal.”

Blanchard has lived in many places, including the Maritimes, but his family settled in Windsor while he was in high school. His undergraduate…

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