Spring breakup: Town reiterating river ice safety – Alberta News

Spring breakup: Town reiterating river ice safety – Alberta News

The Town of Peace River is reminding residents to stay off the ice as the spring breakup heads into town.

With seasonal temperatures hovering above the freezing point, the spring retreat of river ice is now underway.

On March 20, Alberta Environment and Parks released a report indicating that the ice cover was located approximately 65 km upstream of the Highway 2 bridge in Peace River. 

Since March 15, the average rate of retreat has been approximately 4.5 km/day, and the ice is expected to maintain a steady retreat with an anticipated arrival through the town near the end of March or in early April.

According the the report, the ice was 10 km downstream of its usual location for the time of the year.

Residents are reminded to avoid walking or entering onto the ice at all costs.

“The ice will be unstable during this time,” Adam Dietrich, Communications Coordinator for the Town of Peace River said. “Residents should stay off of it off the low lying areas. It’s dangerous normally, but it will be more so as it starts to thaw.”

Dietrich indicated that the Town of Peace River will be resuming its around the clock observation of ice breakup conditions and water levels once the breakup reaches the Shaftesbury Estates neighbourhood. The river watch program – carried out by the Public Works department – acts as a failsafe mechanism in case of unexpected sudden changes in river conditions, and will include both the Heart and Smoky Rivers as well as Pat’s Creek.

Up to date information on river conditions is available on the Town website at https://peaceriver.ca/river-ice/.

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