Should Pride funding be cut after excluding police from the event? – Ontario News

Should Pride funding be cut after excluding police from the event? – Ontario News

Toronto City Councillor John Campbell has recently put together a motion that would seek to pull Pride’s $260,000 grant from the city due to the organization’s decision to follow through with the demands brought forth by Black Lives Matter – Toronto at Pride last year – most notably the banning of police from marching and being prohibited from having any booths at the event. This polarizing proposal, which will be presented at an upcoming council meeting, has reignited the heated debate on the matter.

Postmedia Network let two of our columnists, Shaun Proulx and Sarah Hanlon, debate the matter:

Sarah Hanlon:

It wasn’t just the Toronto police that marched during the Pride parade: Halton, Malton, Durham, Peel Region police departments all had their own section, dominating the time and space of the parade. It was boring and weird. They didn’t contribute to the parade – there were no outfits or costumes, no floats, no giveaways, no water guns and no music. The officers just walked, waved and drove in their cop cars and bulletproof vests.

Shaun Proulx:

The parade and the festival are about many things, which includes inclusivity. I don’t expect every participant to be a Vegas act. But I do expect a Pride parade to allow individuals and groups to march, regardless of whether I or others are all completely in love with them, unless they’re promoting hate.


While many have fears of Pride…

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