Refuge staff fawns over fragile resident – Ontario News

Refuge staff fawns over fragile resident – Ontario News

He doesn’t have spots anymore, his face has grown into a more elongated shape befitting his species, and he’s enjoying his first taste of the outdoors since nearly starving to death last year.

Timmy, as staff members at the Wild At Heart Refuge Centre have taken to calling their resident fawn, had a rough start to his life.

He was found on his own last summer, emaciated and struggling to stand, and brought to the Lively shelter by area residents.

“He was picked up by some people as a young fawn,” said Rod Jouppi, founder and president of Wild At Heart. “He was extremely weak and there was no mother involved. She may have abandoned him and he became weaker and weaker, and very dehydrated. He was critically ill when he came into the centre.”

The fawn was undersized, had neurological issues affecting his coordination and stability, and a misshapen face. “It was a funny look, like a combination of a dog and a deer,” said Jouppi.

Those conditions have improved dramatically over the months that Timmy has spent getting treatment and nutritious food through Wild At Heart — his face is definitely more deer now than dog — but the wobbly waif, now nearly a year old, still has some neurological limitations and it’s unlikely he will be returning to the wild.

“He definitely wouldn’t be releasable now, but he does walk and he is quite healthy otherwise,” said Jouppi. “He has a great appetite.”

At this point the fawn is on a diet of adult deer pellets, browse and hay, but also some handouts from a local grocery store. “Smith’s Markets donates fruit and veggies, and he really loves fruit,” said Jouppi. “He’s a pretty pampered deer.”

The animal has…

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