‘Misdiagnosis’ — Part three | St. Thomas Times-Journal – Ontario News

‘Misdiagnosis’ — Part three | St. Thomas Times-Journal – Ontario News

For the fourth time in two days, five-year-old Sam Shalley was rushed to the Woodstock Hospital’s emergency room on Jan. 14, 2013.

Over the previous two days, the five-year-old had been plagued with acute respiratory issues including a sore throat and nasal congestion. His mother said he was also barely eating or drinking, was lethargic and a shadow of his former self.

But before the third and fourth visit occurred, there was a second visit on the evening of Sunday, Jan. 13, 2013.

Earlier in the early morning of that same day, a nurse at the ER told his mother, Megan Shalley, her son had croup.

Shalley, who had treated Sam’s brother Ben for croup several times, decided to take Sam home for treatment.

But that night they rushed back to hospital with the fevered and unwell five-year-old, where doctors still said he had croup and treated him with steroids before sending him home.

During the night, Sam’s symptoms had worsened. By morning he was having difficulty breathing, and even gasping for air.

Around 10 a.m., Sam, his worried mother and his grandmother Melanie Carter rushed him back to the ER.

“We sat and waited until his breathing became very laboured,” Shalley explained.

In the waiting room, Sam suddenly stopped breathing.

Shalley remembers it was a concerned stranger who frantically knocked on the triage window to get a nurse’s attention.

A nurse emerged and took the family into a waiting room in the ER. But they still had an agonizing 22-minute wait before they could see a doctor.

Hospital reports dated Jan. 14, 2013, said Sam had visited the hospital the night before with croup and the reason for the visit was his…

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