INQUINTE.CA | Battery bag program changing – Ontario News

INQUINTE.CA | Battery bag program changing – Ontario News

Households will no longer receive battery bags in the mail. Instead, residents can now use whichever re-sealable plastic bag they have at home to recycle their intact household batteries on their recycling day that falls between April 10th – 21st 2017.

“The curbside battery bag program has been a great success.” Mentions Dan Orr, Communications Coordinator for Quinte Waste Solutions. “As a running average, Quinte has the highest participation rate out of 63 Ontario municipalities that also run a curbside battery program.”

Since offering a curbside battery bag program in 2013, over 60,000 lbs of batteries have been diverted from landfill from the program alone.

Orr suggests the use-your-own bag technique, which has been adopted by other municipalities in Ontario, won’t be a stretch for most people who already participate in the program.

To make things more familiar, on the back of the 2017 Hazardous and Electronic Waste Schedule that was sent out recently, are labels that residents are encouraged to cut out, and place inside their bag of batteries. These labels will help the driver easily recognize the bags, and put them in the appropriate place in the recycling truck.  Additional Hazardous and Electronic Waste Schedules can be picked up at your local municipal office, or downloaded from

Residents are asked to collect their spent household batteries and put them in a re-sealable plastic bag, and place that bag on top of their papers designated blue box on their collection day between April 10th– 21st.

Batteries accepted include intact AA, AAA, C, D, 9V, 6V, and button cell batteries. Residents are…

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