Incinerator back up and running – The Oshawa Express – Ontario News

Incinerator back up and running – The Oshawa Express – Ontario News

After a combined 90 days offline, both boilers at the Durham York Energy Centre are once again fully operational. However, according to provisions in the project agreement between Durham and Covanta, the site’s operator, the extended downtime could cost the latter dearly.

By Graeme McNaughton/The Oshawa Express

Following weeks of down time and the region’s waste being sent elsewhere, the Durham York Energy Centre is once again fully operational.

According to emissions data posted on the incinerator’s website, Boiler No. 2 was put back online late in the evening on March 16, while Boiler No. 1 was brought back to life on the morning of March 21.

Boiler No. 2 was the first to be taken offline on Jan. 27 after a damaged water tube was discovered and needed repairs. Boiler No. 1 was taken offline on Feb. 5 to see if it had some of the same problems as its counterpart.

Gioseph Annello, the region’s manager of waste planning and technical services, says the facility’s annual maintenance was pushed ahead when workers found that the boilers were more beaten up than expected.

“Because the water wall tube ruptured, they basically shut down the boiler and advanced the annual maintenance. So what they did then was they did their inspection, they found a lot more wear than they expected,” he says, adding that some of the tubing was replaced with one featuring a nickel-alloy-based coating that protects it from the high heat of the incineration process.

“They’re now better protected from that corrosive environment. So basically, it was a matter of they were cutting out sections of the boiler and replacing it with new sections that had this lining on it.”


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