‘I want her to focus on getting better’ – Ontario News

‘I want her to focus on getting better’ – Ontario News

Samantha Morgan, 25, says she isn’t worried she’ll lose her mother, Sylvie Poitras, to breast cancer. 

“She’s still going to be fine, hopefully,” says Morgan, of North Bay. “But it’s going to be a bigger fight now.”

Poitras, 44, also of North Bay, was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She had the tumour surgically removed a few weeks ago and is getting ready to start 18 weeks of chemotherapy.

Morgan is thankful her mother’s treatment is covered by insurance. But she knows Poitras, an OPP dispatcher, won’t be able to work as often once the treatment begins.

“She’ll be busy with treatments. And when she’s not, she’ll be busy recovering from treatments and getting ready for the next one.” 

Morgan wants to help Poitras and her partner, Paul Bazinet, who have two teenage boys at home, with their household expenses while the treatment continues. She’s started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money to help cover the family’s groceries and other household bills.

“I know my mom doesn’t love asking for help so I thought I’d do it for her and offer it up as a gift.”

As of  Tuesday, Morgan had raised almost $1,000 toward her $16,000 goal, but says every donated dollar will help.

“I just don’t want her stressed on anything that she doesn’t have to right now,” she says. “The big focus should be adjusting to her new lifestyle and getting better.”

Morgan says she started the GoFundMe campaign without her mother’s knowledge.

“I didn’t want her to try to talk me out of it.”

But now her mother is on board and appreciates the support.    

Poitras hopes women learn from her…

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