Fact check: Fire plan | Cornwall Standard Freeholder – Ontario News

Fact check: Fire plan | Cornwall Standard Freeholder – Ontario News

Has Cornwall failed to implement master fire plan recommendations as suggested at Monday’s council meeting?

City councillors and the fire department clashed over that question Monday. Council wanted to form a committee to oversee the implementation of the plan, but fire Chief Pierre Voisine argued most of that work was already completed.

According to documents presented to council by Voisine in January, many of the 37 recommendations contained in the master plan are being implemented. On top of that, almost all of the recommendations made by Ontario Fire Marshal in 2013 – which caused the city to commission the master plan in the first place – have been acted upon. 

During the meeting, the most vocal proponent of forming a Fire Master Plan Implementation Committee, Coun. Mark MacDonald, said the implementation of the master plan was so far behind the city was still in violation of the law when it came to minimum safety standards.

“The way it stands right now, the City of Cornwall is not meeting the legislative requirements under the Fire Protection and Prevention Act,” said MacDonald on Monday.

The concerns about the fire department’s ability to meet provincially-mandated safety standards stem from an inspection done by the fire marshal’s office in 2013 that found serious shortcomings in the way the fire department was conducting itself.

That inspection resulted in recommendations for changes designed to bring the fire department back into compliance with safety regulations.

Council then had a consulting firm use those recommendations as the foundation for a new city-wide Fire Master Plan. It was completed in the…

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