Consultant says Lakewood Beach a fit for Wainfleet – Ontario News

Consultant says Lakewood Beach a fit for Wainfleet – Ontario News

Once complete, Lakewood Beach will be in keeping with the character and fabric of the Wainfleet lakeshore area, says a senior planner with the consultant company working for the developer of the former Easter Seals camp.

“We don’t have as an elaborate layout as before,” says Cheryl Selig of Hamilton-based T. Johns Consulting Group.

Selig says there will be lots that face the beach and a few set back on the property, which fronts Lake Erie on Lakeshore Road, west of Belleview Beach Road.

She says the developer has been doing work required by various government agencies, like the Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, before any of the proposed 41-unit condominiums can be built.

“We were required to undertake an environmental assessment process because of the communal septic system proposed, as opposed to septic beds for each individual home.”

She sys the process has been taking some time, and the system the developer is looking at will take wastewater from the 41 units into an on-site sewage treatment facility. Once the wastewater has been treated, it will flow into a septic bed system

An environmental assessment report posted on the township’s website says the on-site facility will be “in the northwest area of the property, a minimum of 100 metres away from all adjacent residential properties.” The septic bed will also be located in the same area.

As for water, it too will be a communal system.

“There are existing wells on the site, and we looked into them, but they are not a preferred option. We didn’t want to impact others in the area,” says Selig.

Instead, future Lakewood Beach…

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