Brenntag on the move | Cornwall Standard Freeholder – Ontario News

Brenntag on the move | Cornwall Standard Freeholder – Ontario News

A chlorine packaging plant in Cornwall will be closing down next year with the intention of moving to a new location.

It is unclear at this point if the new site will be in Cornwall and if all the people who currently work at the plant will keep their jobs.

Brenntag Canada has confirmed it intends to leave the property its facility has inhabited for the past four decades when its lease on the property expires.

“We will be closing our facility as a result of our lease being up sometime in 2018,” said Christine Wood, Brenntag Canada’s communications director. “We are currently working on plans for the relocation of our facility.”

That was as much information about the decision as the company would share.

Brenntag is located adjacent to Brookdale Avenue. With the demolition of the old high-level bridge and future plans for the former industrial lands to the south under development, the facility is one of the few industrial sites remaining in that area. If the lands adjacent to it are redeveloped into mixed-use commercial and residential as expected, the plant would stick out more than it did when the bridge’s massive cement piers provided some cover.

Publicly available records show that the chlorine packaging plant has been leasing the property since 1977 when it was known as Cornwall Chemicals.

While the original owner of the property is not in the records, the site located along the western side of Brookdale Avenue has been mortgaged twice; once in 1997 and again in 2002. It was purchased by its current owner AkzoNobel Coatings in 2013 for $741,000

AzkoNobel is a multinational corporation based in the Netherlands that…

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