Baby born on Hwy. 401 in moving ambulance – Ontario News

Baby born on Hwy. 401 in moving ambulance – Ontario News

Hunter Margeson not only has a great date for a birthday, he’ll also have quite a birth story to go with it.

The infant and his mother Lindsay Margeson, of Brantford, travelled to Chatham on Thursday to visit some of the paramedics who helped deliver the boy in the back of an ambulance as it headed towards the hospital on Highway 401 this past St. Patrick’ Day.

Margeson was in Chatham on March 17 to pick up her two oldest children Carter, 9, and Ryder, 7, who were at their father’s home, to bring them back to Brantford as March Break was coming to an end.

She felt a contraction around 6 a.m. and decided to head home with her two-year-old son Walker, because she planned to have a home birth.

Since she hadn’t delivered any of her other children early and Hunter’s due date was still two weeks away, Margeson recalls thinking, “Oh, this isn’t it, but we’re going to go (home) just to be safe.”

As she was travelling eastbound on Highway 401 around the Chatham-Kent, Elgin County border, Margeson realized her labour was progressing rapidly.

Not knowing exactly where she was, Margeson called 911, adding her cellphone was used to track her location.

“I was praying they would get there before my water broke . . . because I knew as soon as that happened, he was going to be here,” she said.

Because of her location, paramedics from Chatham-Kent and St.Thomas-Elgin were dispatched.

This was the first time Chatham-Kent paramedic Danielle Mifflin has helped deliver a baby in the just over two years she’s been on the job.

“I was glad that I was with a partner that had three (deliveries in the field),” she said, referring to 29-year veteran…

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